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We employ FireOne - the world leader in digital pyrotechnic firing systems. FireOne products are acclaimed for their precision, reliability and safety. Their system’s also set the Guinness world record for the biggest fireworks display in the world and is the choice of pyrotechnic professionals for stage shows, touring groups, motion pictures, theme parks, and aerial displays, world-wide. Its precise, accurate timing and state of the art software allows us to program more complex and dynamic displays. This allows us to offer you very competitive prices yet very versatile shows with amazing effects.


Fireworks choreographed to music and fired with split second timing is undoubtedly a winning combination that produces the ultimate show. We do this by using Script Maker, the world's first fully integrated choreography software package, alongside FireOne so we are able to offer the most unprecedented precision timing in the industry. Our choreography team can take your chosen piece of music and make the fireworks dance through the night sky in precise timing to it creating the most awe-inspiring display you are ever likely to witness.

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Testimonial - Elaine & John

We have had so many comments regarding the display. It was truly spectacular. The perfect end to a perfect day. Thanks so much to you and your crew who worked so hard to make such a memorable event. Kind regards and best wishes for the future.


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